Getting Started

Getting started with HYBRID SOURCES, INC. is simple:

  • We have over thirty years of technical know-how in solving circuit design and packaging problems.
  • You provide electrical schematics or conceptual black box requirements, we can convert it into a working, packaged and fully tested circuit.
  1. Send us your schematic
    • Our designers will review your requirements to determine the best fabrication techniques.
    • When we fully understand your electrical and mechanical needs, we will propose a hybrid to maximize reliability and cost effectiveness.
    • Everything discussed will be held in the strictest confidence.
    • If your application does not lend itself to a thick film approach, we will suggest alternatives.

  2. Review our Quote
    • When a thick film hybrid is clearly the best choice, we will provide a prompt cost and lead time quotation.
    • We'll be pleased to requote as your needs become finalized.

  3. Send us a purchase order
    • When you have determined that our proposal provides the best solution for your application send us a purchase order.
    • Our terms are stated in our quotation.

  4. Evaluate the layout
    • Layout and artwork are developed, approved by you, and processed.
    • Screens, laser probe cards, and test fixtures are built.
    • The test procedure and test hardware may be customer supplied.
    • We will be in contact with you whenever clarification is needed.
    • We'll be pleased to have you contact us at any time to monitor our progress and provide additional input.
    • When the layout is completed, we will have you approve it before we proceed.
    • Should you find a problem, we will work with you to resolve it.

  5. Prototype run
    • A limited number of circuits are produced, tested, and fully inspected.
    • We expect that these units will meet all your requirements, and ask for evaluation and approval before large volume fabrication begins.

  6. Production run
    • This phase provides you with as many circuits as you need to meet your schedules.
    • Your circuits are carefully inspected at each step of fabrication to ensure we are meeting all of your requirements.
    • Our procedures are set up to meet Military Standard 883 and Quality Standard 45208.
    • A Certificate of Compliance is available.

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