Circuit Requirements

The HYBRID SOURCES, INC. technical staff will work with you to define the electrical and mechanical requirements necessary to successfully implement your custom hybrid.

  • Schematic diagram with required pinouts
  • Parts list-part numbers (specific vendors), values, tolerances and power dissipation
  • Definition of circuit function and complexity
  • Electrical input/output characteristics and tolerances
  • Final electrical test sequence and test parameters
  • Critical component parameters and matching requirements
  • Packaging configuration - size, pin outs, hermeticity, solderability, etc…
  • Environmental and reliability constraints
  • Trade offs and priorities - performance, size, reliability, costs, etc…

Hybrid Layout

Experienced designers are the key to translating circuit requirements into accurate thick film hybrid layouts.

  • Substrate drawing prepared
  • Layout created
  • Assembly drawing created
  • Resistor trim specifications created
  • Customer approval requested
  • Computerized artwork generated
  • Artwork laser photoplotted
  • Screens ordered
  • Fixtures ordered
  • Test specification prepared
  • Customer provided with drawing package

Design Engineering

Electrical, mechanical, manufacturing and quality engineering disciplines combine to insure complete documentation, traceability and process repeatability.

  • Consultation - Feasibility Studies - Circuit Design
  • Thick Film Design and layout
  • Customer layout checked for accuracy and ability to be produced
  • Product flow chart generated
  • Process specifications checked and/or created
  • Piece part and material procurement specifications
  • In-process test procedures specified, including resistor trimming requirements
  • Final electrical test specifications and procedures defined
  • Final mechanical specifications defined

Hybrid Circuit Packaging

Packaging configurations impact the cost and ultimate reliability of the final hybrid.

Single and Dual-In-Line packages

  • Hermetically sealed
  • Epoxy encapsulated
  • Silicone coated
  • Plastic enclosures

Glass-to-Metal sealed flat and TO packages

  • Cold rolled steel
  • Kovar
  • Gold, Tin, or Nickel plating
  • Soldered/Brazed/Welded/Lids

Ceramic and epoxy encapsulation

  • Leadless Chip Carriers
  • Conformal Coating
  • Custom enclosures

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